The Dream Doctor offers sessions involving professional counselling, dream deconstruction and close guided visualisation.  It is you who are the expert when it comes to understanding your dreams as they only have relevance to you and your life. The Dream Doctor will work alongside you to help you to uncover what your mind is trying to make sense of and resolve.


The Dream Doctor is a professional counsellor and counselling underlies what is offered. The three main tenets of person-centred counselling are:

  • Empathy
  • Congruence (being genuine and real)
  • Unconditional positive regard (non-judgemental acceptance)

We also offer complete confidentiality with a few exceptions as shown in our Terms and Conditions (click HERE to see).


Dream deconstruction is a gradual and careful analysis between us of the pattern of your dreams. It is important to follow the pattern because your mind will often present different parts of a jigsaw to you and this can be interpreted by looking at a number of your dreams and their content. This is why we ask you to keep a dream diary.


Not everyone needs or wants guided visualisation. It is a way of using your visual mind to look at past events or childhood memories to find a clue, if clues are needed. Some people have literal dreams that are fairly straightforward to interpret and a couple of sessions will help to uncover any underlying issues causing the dreams. However, some people may need guided visualisation to help with the process. It's a remarkably effective way of uncovering what might be hidden away.